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The Gentle Giants

The Maine Coon is America's only native long-haired breed of cat. Known for their large size and gentleness, Maine Coons are referred to as the gentle giants. Curious and interactive by nature, Maine Coons make wonderful companion cats.

Known to have been the cats of the Pilgrims, the Maine Coon evolved to withstand cold New England winters. With a mixture of long and short hair, large tufted ears, oversized furry feet, and beautiful fluffy tail, the Maine Coon is as beautiful as it is personable. It is no wonder that the Maine Coon was America's first show cat.

Although many are brown in color with tabby striping, Maine Coons can have many looks. For those who enjoy a little science, we even explain many of the concepts that play in role in how Maine Coons inherit their color, from the basics of heredity to the genetics of coat color.

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Springtime magic. Watch as baby birds hatch... really a special treat!



The precise origin of the Maine Coon breed remains steeped in folklore. Get the information that will help you separate fact from fiction.

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Perhaps most importantly, we address the question, "Are two better?" From caring for a Maine Coon to health and travel tips, find the answers here. We even describe the grooming process we use as we ready our CalMaine Coons for the show ring.

Before you leave us, be sure to visit our photo gallery of slideshows (each with entertaining background music) featuring our CaliMaine Coons.

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